Window Wells: What You Need To Know, We’ve Got You Covered



A window well is a well dug outside of a below-grade window, commonly a basement window, to allow it to operate. Having window wells built outside a home  is making the owner a lucky person. This is due to the fact that if window wells are not present on your house, then your basement will never receive any light coming from the sun, making it look darker and less inviting.

Flooding the basement is one the reasons why many homeowners view window wells as something that is not to be happy to have. Even though flooding will not happen, the seepage that is going on in your basement will cause it to moist leading to problems such as molds and bad odor. There is definitely no need for you to worry about these problems since we will presenting you the solutions that we have gathered so that you can enjoy having a window well on your home. Check out this interesting post:

Let us first discuss about some issues that may exist in having window wells then after that, we can now proceed in tackling about the solution that will surely assure you the benefits of having window wells.

For most part of the past five decades, the creation of window wells are known to be made out of galvanized steel barriers that distance the earth away from the window. It is open at the top so that daylights can come in and at the bottom to drain the water however, due to the debris that may fall that will cause clogging to the weeping tiles, it is hard for the water to drain away especially during rainy seasons and winter time which causes your basement to flood.

Aside from the debris, grass and weeds can also grow from the bottom of the egress window well which makes it more difficult for the water to be drained and also, they blocked the sunlight and are difficult to be removed.

We are now done with our discussion about the issue regarding window wells, so now, we can tackle about its corresponding solution.

Today, the existence of many new window well systems will surely prevent those problem mentioned above from starting. You can actually call those professional window wells makers if you happen to need professional advice coming from them. By having the advancements mentioned below, you will be guaranteed that the basement window enclosure that you will have will prevent issues concerning window wells from arising:

A clear and durable cover in essential in letting the sunlight in and letting the debris out.

You will also need durable poly-carbonate constructions that will never rust.

It is also important that you basement is fully enclosed, the top and the bottom so that no weeds and grass will grow.

Actually, you can find many solutions for window well liners problem and one of them is visiting a professional who will not only hear you out but will also help you in solving them.


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