Window Well Safety



Window wells are openings made in the basement to enable circulation of air.  They have to be below the ground level to prevent running water from draining into them during floods.  A covering should be put in place to prevent seepage of water into the basement.  The cover also acts as a barrier to pests wanting to enter the room.

With the window well, people can turn their basement into a bedroom.  This is because they allow for lighting and free circulation of air thus no damp conditions within the basement.  Home owners can, therefore, use their basement as a store or bedroom for guests.  The basement will, therefore, be put into good use. Check this video too:

Cleaning of the basement is made possible with the availability of the window wells.  This is because it is possible to drain out dirty water when cleaning ensuring the basement stays dry and clean.  Cleaning thus becomes easy providing the basement is always kept clean.

Window wells enhance security as well.  By looking through the rockwell window well, a person is able to see anyone approaching their home.  This is essential in helping to identify intruders and taking appropriate action before it is too late.  The basement will also provide a safe place for children as well as pets to play in therefore minimizing their exposure to injuries.

The major reason as to why window wells were put in place is to provide an exit from the house in case there is a fire outbreak.  Window wells provide a safe escape route for the homeowners ensuring they do not get injured if a fire breaks out in the house.  They are also used as entry points by firefighters in order to save those stranded in the house during the fire.  Each home should, therefore, ensure that they have a window well.  Owners should ensure that they have safety stairs leading to and from the window wells.  Light blinders should be put up as well.

Wood or plastic should be the main materials used to make window wells due to their nature.  This is because these materials are easy to cut in case the locks fail.  People should also ensure that the walls are made from insulating material.

People should regularly practice family drills through the rockwell window wells to increase the family’s ability to navigate their way through in case of an emergency.  This ensures they are familiar with the routes leading to the window well.

Families should not ignore the importance of these window wells.  People should, therefore, enquire that their architects design their homes in a such a way that they will have a window well for use during emergencies.  Homes with basements and no window wells should make it a priority to put them up.  This is critical in achieving home security.

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